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create unconditional self-love &
acceptance through daily habits

Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: Welcome

Learning to love your most authentic self unconditionally IS possible!

- YES, for you too!!

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Lacking self-love actively thwarts our ability to build lasting habits and to build the life that we want and deserve, whether that be in our jobs, relationships, physical wellness, finances, or physical space. But it also shows up in sneaky ways, hiding under our other patterns - so it isn't always obvious that this is what is REALLY going on!

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  • You are always so busy, it feels impossible to find or make time for yourself.

  • When you do find the time, you find yourself feeling guilty about taking time for yourself or do things "just for you".

  • You might dislike spending time alone and find it feels very lonely.

  • You often feel overwhelmed by how much is asked of you and struggle to balance your work, life, and relationships.

  • You are happy to be that anywhere, anytime, 3 AM friend,  but when you are feeling low, you may not feel like you have an "anytime" person to run to.

  • You may not always feel like your needs or limits are being considered, but when it comes to asking for things or when you are unavailable, you feel guilty.

  • You don't feel safe or confident exploring or expressing your most authentic self at work or in certain relationships. Or maybe you aren't really sure who that person is or how you would start exploring.

Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About


  • You are consistently trying to fix or better yourself.

  • You are absolutely guilty of self-help genre deep-dives, whether they be books, YouTube channels, documentaries, podcasts, or social media.

  • Perhaps you are consistently looking for a new way to eat better or lose weight, or regularly starting a new workout regimen

  • When it comes to work and relationships, your are consistently going "above and beyond" - even if you already have a lot on your plate or are already feeling stressed or tired.

  • You may regularly find yourself working overtime or taking work home

  • You often find it easier to meet other people's expectations than to consider your own. You find yourself dressing, doing your hair, or taking up hobbies that make other people happy, regardless of your interest.

  • And you are regularly guilty of trying to do it all yourself.

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Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About
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It shows up when you look in the mirror, when you make a mistake, in comparisons with friends, coworkers, or people on social media.

You might say things like...

  • "I always mess it up"

  • "I can't do anything right"

  • "What did I do this time?"

  • "people always leave"

  • "they wouldn't like me anymore if they knew the real me"

  • "I want to be more like at person"

  • "I could be better (or happy) if only..."

  • "I will be better (or happy) when..."

Or maybe it is more about the opportunities you don't allow yourself to try with statements like:

  • "I wish I was brave enough to _____."

  • "I've always been interested in ____, but it's just not me."

  • "I just love _______, but for other people."

Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About
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You may be surprised when I tell you that true self-love and confidence isn't something we "just do". Nor does it lie in the next relationship, after the next finish line, or at the end of the rainbow (pun intended). Instead, we need to look at self-love differently - not as a destination, but as a daily practice!

That's right - tiny daily habits are the key to lasting unconditional self love! So achievable that we should all be able to be absolutely in love with our most authentic self!

Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About
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This course is for queer folx beginning to reclaim their power & take up space, but may feel unsure where to start.

  • folx who are questioning or have recently discovered a new piece of their identity & wish to embrace it with self-compassion and pride

  • folx who are tired of feeling overworked & overwhelmed with to-dos and are looking to create better balance for their lives

  • folx who are ready to get off the diet-culture or self-improvement hamster wheel and are ready for a method that ACTUALLY focuses on a builds confidence

  • folx seeking to work through dysphoria, discomfort, and self-exploration from a space of self-love and self-compassion

Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About
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​The carefully constructed activities in this course will help you...

  • discover, acknowledge, move through, and transcend barriers that have been holding you back from true, unconditional self-love

  • prioritize (& give yourself permission to prioritize) your peace, your self-care, & your celebration

  • create balance so that you can find the time, space, and energy to not only show up for you, but also to show up in the world as your strongest, most confident, most compassionate, and most authentic self

  • foster deep levels of awareness and the habit-building tools you need to feel confident creating the shifts in your life that foster the environment, the relationships, and the opportunities that you want and deserve

Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About


Can you imagine your most confident, most authentic self?

  • Imagine getting dressed in the morning and standing in front of the mirror as acts of ease and joy that leave your feeling impressed with yourself!

  • Consider creating balance in your life so that you can go into work on time AND leave on time, feeling capable to show up and give your best effort to your tasks, and embracing opportunities of inspiration.

  • Visualize relationships that allow you to feel seen, heard, appreciated, and cared?

  • Picture your home, your work space, and your schedule leaving your feeling centered, inspired, and energized.

Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About


The Self-Love Foundations Crash Course is a 6-Week hybrid program designed to help you build lasting, unconditional self-love through foundational habits.

Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: Text
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I'm taking all of the guesswork out. I will walk you step-by-step through the whys, the process for building your new self-love habits, and through how to make sure they stick!

MODULE 1: Mindset & Foundations

First, we lay the groundwork by shifting our mindset and exploring deeply the elements lasting self-love and how we can use daily habits to achieve it.

MODULE 2: Core Habit Building

Next, we use our science-backed habit building protocol to create core habits individualized to you!

MODULE 3: Lasting Change

Once you feel comfortable in your new habits, we discuss additional strategies to making your habits stick and making your mindset shift permanent.

MODULE 4: Reflection, Celebration, & Troubleshooting

Finally, we will wrap up the course, help you troubleshoot any struggles in your personal habit-building process, reflect on our growth, and of course, celebrate all of the wins!

Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About


  • The Core Habits Builder: step-by-step guide to building your self-love habits

  • The Affirmation Creation Guide: create personalized affirmations for you or steal some our tried and true favorites

  • The Self-Exploration & Mindfulness Handbook: 200 prompts for your mindfulness or journal practice

  • Bonus! The Alignment Inventory: this self-assessment can be used to get a better understanding of your holistic wellness & create your core habits AND will allow your insight for creating aligned wellness habits moving forward. This is the same assessment I use with coaching clients!

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Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About
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  • Access to the private Crash Course Community

  • Weekly Deep-Dive Group Coaching sessions

  • Can't make it? or need to leave early? Submit questions ahead of time. They will be answered live on the call, as well as in the recap email!

Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About


  • Why not? - but seriously, haven't you waited long enough to invest in yourself? Haven't you waited long enough for your turn to be important?

  • Intro Pricing - As an early cohort to take the course, you get access to all the materials and lessons before the price goes up. And you will have continued access to the course community and its materials, including any future updates.

  • Exclusive Access: As an early cohort, you will have exclusive access and exclusive discounts to future courses & community programs.

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Self-Love Foundations Crash Course: About
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