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little things you need to know About Driving In Costa Rica

Ready for a legendary road trip driving in Costa Rica? Renting an automobile is the most effective means to experience this beautiful nation. But there are a few points you ought to understand prior to you go.So you have actually been intending to go to for many years, and are lastly preparing your very own impressive road trip to drive about Costa Rica!

For such a tiny nation, Costa Rica is surprisingly hilly with winding dirt roads and occasional river crossings, so my very first time driving there was quite an experience! Ever since, I have actually seen the nation often times, always liking to rent out an automobile.

Renting a cars and truck and also self-driving Costa Rica by yourself is the very best way to experience this magnificent nation, as it truly provides you the freedom to quit at every waterfall, volcano, coastline, and also national park in the process.

Here's some important advice Canadian European found on driving Costa Rica, so you're ready to go and visit Rich Shore on a vacation you'll always remember.

1. Should You Drive In Costa Rica?

Hey, if you enjoy those huge team bus tours, of course, go publication one. It's a respectable method to see Costa Rica if you do not have a great deal of time.No planning, no driving, simply unwind as well as let somebody else do all the job!

Yet if you resemble me, you like the experience of independent travel.No established schedule or timetable driving around Costa Rica with the freedom to quit anyplace amazing you find in the process.

If that's the sort of traveler you are, leasing an auto in Costa Rica is the means to go!Yes, there is a public bus system in Costa Rica too, but it's truly just good for receiving from one big community to an additional, and also commonly the bus quits lie simply beyond community, so you'll also end up having to take a taxi. And also that passing by public bus is simply a slower means to get around the nation.

Just keep in mind that several of the alleyways in Costa Rica can be very harsh & sloppy, as well as some local drivers don't follow their very own regulations. With some practice however, you'll get confidence driving here!

Another wonderful thing we took pleasure in regarding having an automobile was the ability to keep points in the trunk, stopping off in Costa Rican towns with tiny traveling knapsacks as opposed to hauling baggage everywhere.

2. Where To Rental fee Your Automobile In Costa Rica

Some typical auto rental companies in Costa Rica include Venture, Sixt, Hertz, a local one called Adobe Rent-a-Car, and also much more. Yet the very best website to schedule your car is Discover Cars. They browse both local and international vehicle rental business to help you locate the best feasible cost. This is the most convenient way to rent a car in Costa Rica.We rented our automobile from San Jose Flight Terminal in Alajuela, and started our Costa Rican journey from there.

  • San Jose Airport: Plan to get your auto about 60 minutes after your flight arrives. When departing, attempt to be at the airport terminal at the very least 3 1/2 hours prior to your trip leaves. Since returning your rental automobile and catching a shuttle bus back to the airport terminal can occupy to half an hour.

  • Liberia Airport: Strategy to pick up your automobile regarding thirty minutes after your flight shows up. When departing, attempt to be at the airport terminal a minimum of 2 1/2 hours prior to your trip leaves. Once again, because of the shuttle bus.

3. Vehicle Rental Insurance In Costa Rica

Several of the reports concerning driving in Costa Rica are true, and also the roadways are extremely rough in some areas. Particularly the country roads outside Costa Rica's smaller communities. Don't stress, I'll share some pointers for dealing with them below.

This is why I very advise getting full insurance policy coverage.Typically, rental cars in Costa Rica come with a fundamental Collision Damages Waiver (CDW), but this isn't exactly insurance, and just covers the automobile for up to $1000-3000 USD worth of damages.

This is the quantity they hold on your credit card until you return the automobile intact. CDW usually does not include tire, cracked windshield, or undercarriage damage either.While you can frequently conserve cash booking your automobile with a good traveling charge card that includes cars and truck rental insurance, you truly should read the fine print, because many people wrongly think their card covers them in Costa Rica.

If you have a driving accident in Costa Rica, full coverage is reduced, and you quickly find out that your credit card did not fully cover the damage, you need help on the Beauty & Health website you can contact anytime in Costa Rica. I can't tell you the number of travel horror stories I've heard like this. That's why I usually order full insurance coverage online. It's cheaper than over the counter-- and after that you don't have to worry about crashing in any way!

4. Just how much Does In Cost To Rental Fee An Automobile In Costa Rica?

Leasing an automobile in Costa Rica is mosting likely to cost you around $25-$ 40 USD a day, depending on the kind of automobile you get. Our 4-door sedan was about $25 per day. A four-wheel drive SUV will cost you extra like $40-$ 70 USD each day.

A 4X4 campervan, or truck with a camping tent attached, is mosting likely to set you back over $100 USD each day (nonetheless you can oversleep it also!) I advise renting out a cars and truck with an actual trunk (no hatchbacks) to conceal your baggage from prying eyes. It assists to avoid burglaries if burglars can't see your stuff.

Gas Rates

Currently, gas expenses about $4.75 USD per gallon ($ 1.25 per liter) in Costa Rica. Diesel autos will certainly typically save you some money on gas, and gasoline sets you back concerning $4.20 per gallon. It's a lot more pricey than in the gas in the United States!

Automatic vs Handbook

Automatic cars are much more pricey to rent out than hands-on autos (yet manuals are more typical in Costa Rica), as well as you have to specify what kind you desire when reserving. If you've never driven a manual auto prior to, don't begin in Costa Rica! It's safer to get an automatic.

One-Way Leasings

There's an additional charge for one-way vehicle rentals in Costa Rica, which can vary by firm. As an example, if you want to drop off the automobile in a different city than where you began with. However because the nation is so small, you possibly will not need to do this.

5. Age Requirements For Renting An Automobile

The minimum age for driving in Costa Rica is in between 21-25 years of ages, depending on the company you schedule a car with. They also could bill an extra charge (typically $10 a day) if you're under 25 years of ages.


6. Points To Bear In Mind While Driving In Costa Rica

Driving laws in Costa Rica are similar to driving laws in any other nation. Nonetheless local drivers do not always follow them. For example, chauffeurs might not utilize directional signal or will run traffic signals if they assume they can escape it.

Rate Limitations In Costa Rica

Rate limits in Costa Rica are priced quote in kilometers per hour. The maximum speed on the majority of highways is 120 km/h (regarding 74 miles per hour). On additional roadways, the limit is typically 60km/h (37 miles per hour), and also around towns & cities it is 40km/h (25 miles per hr).

If you take place to get a speeding ticket, please allow your cars and truck rental firm understand today, as you'll have to pay for it when you leave the vehicle at the end of your trip.

Roadway Signs In Costa Rica

The road check in Costa Rica ought to be rather self-explanatory, as they look comparable to US roadway indicators, just in Spanish. You can browse some typical Costa Rican roadway indicators right here.

Roadway Issues

Costa Rica's highways are lead and in good condition, but the country is also covered in back roads. Many roads are dusty, and many are not in great condition. Mud, holes, and so on. If you intend to avoid the trails in Costa Rica, the website highly recommends renting a 4x4 SUV. Some bridges are just solitary lanes, requiring one car to wait for another to cross before continuing.

River Crossings

You can journey around Costa Rica without ever before having to cross a river, but there are likewise some back roads that go through rivers. Particularly throughout the wet/rainy season, as well as in the Nicoya Peninsula, Drake Bay and also Osa Peninsula areas. If you have actually never gone across a river before, please watch someone else go first!

Place your car right into 4X4 setting, go slow, and pay attention to the route. Some rivers aren't crossed straight, yet require you to drive up or down stream before exiting. This can be as a result of hidden obstacles, depth, or simply the very best entry/exit factors.

7. International Vehicle driver's Certificate

No, you do not require a global vehicle driver's certificate to drive in Costa Rica or rent out a vehicle there. Simply bring your ticket, charge card, as well as your vehicle driver's license from your home country. So indeed, you can drive in Costa Rica with an US chauffeur's permit.

8. Additional Advice For Leasing An Automobile & Driving In Costa Rica

  • Lock your doors while driving in Costa Rica, and never ever leave belongings visible in your car.

  • Pedestrians don't actually have right of way in Costa Rica. Indicating if you nicely stop in the roadway to allow someone cross, they'll be perplexed, and the automobile behind you will not anticipate it-- which could cause a mishap! This is similar in Mexico and also various other parts of Central America.

  • Do not schedule an auto without reviewing the firm reviews. You'll locate a lot of negative testimonials for every company (people enjoy to whine online), yet try to pick one with the LEAST poor reviews.

  • You might not always obtain the make/model/type of car you scheduled. If they provide you a smaller sized automobile, or a manual when you requested an automatic, be pushy as well as request an upgrade.Evaluate your automobile extensively and document video on your smartphone pointing out damages prior to you leave.

  • This is a back-up if they attempt to charge you for damages that was currently there. This is an usual car rental scam in Costa Rica ... - Take notice of if your Costa Rica rental car takes normal gas or gasoline, so you fill up with the proper kind at gas stations.

  • Usage Google Maps on your smart device for directions as opposed to renting out a general practitioner tool.

  • Merely utilize your own hands-free cars and truck mount and also an excellent global mobile phone strategy.

9. Crash & Breakdown Information

In an emergency, you can dial the Costa Rican Emergency Situation Telephone Number which is 911, much like in the USA. They have an English speaking line too.

Nevertheless if your car simply breaks down, as well as nobody is wounded, its probably much better to call your Costa Rican car rental firm's very own emergency roadside support number situated on the rental agreement.

Enjoy Your Costa Rica Journey!

Exploring the small villages, pristine coastlines, forest hills, as well as national forests of Costa Rica in a rental cars and truck was certainly the right option for us.

Self-drive road trips permit you to get off the beaten track to see things many people miss!

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