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Queer-Centered Self-Love, Alignment, & Holistic Wellness

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You are divine. You world is lucky to be graced with your magic.

You deserve the freedom of a life that serves and loves your most authentic self!

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Living out of alignment with your most authentic self is far more damaging than we often give it credit for. It impacts our self-esteem, limits our relationships, keeps us feeling unseen, and can leave us feeling disconnected from our community, ourselves, or even our lives. In its early stages, it can feel like constant stress, insomnia, or growing apathy. At its worst, chronic misalignment can lead to burnout, depression, disassociation, and feelings of hopelessness. Of course, misalignment can creep in slowly, which can make it difficult to notice before we are deeper in. So what should we be looking for?

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Are you feeling misaligned from your most authentic self?

  • Do you regularly struggle to get dressed in the morning, going through outfit after outfit, never feeling quite satisfied or quite right?

  • Do you find yourself subconsciously trying to control or alter your body, such as through regular dieting or fitness regimens?

  • When it comes to your body or presentation, do you often focus on what others will think, considering if they will see you as professional, appropriate, attractive, sexy, etc.?

  • Do you ever feel like what you WANT to do for your presentation wouldn't be allowed or would be "inappropriate"?

  • Are you often frustrated that you look "too cis/straight" or afraid to try things that might be perceived as "too queer"?​ - perhaps you even feel both simultaneously!

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Do your space and time feel out of your control?

  • Do you often dread going to work or regularly get the "Sunday Scaries"?

  • Do you consistently feel like you have to take work home, go in early, or stay late at work?

  • Do you feel like your to do list is never-ending and you don't have control over your time?

  • Would you label yourself as always (or almost always) stressed out or tired?

  • Have you wondered if you are experiencing burnout?

  • Do you frequently feel apathetic about your job or your life?

  • Do you struggle to focus or regularly find yourself losing, forgetting, or accidentally breaking things?

  • Do you experience any physical symptoms of chronic stress, such as regular headaches, neck or back pain, stomach tightness, or teeth grinding?

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Misalignment can show up in some or all of our relationships, including romantic or sexual partners partners, QPPs, friendships, professional relationships, family, or even how we interact with acquaintances or strangers!

  • Do you rely heavily on others for validation?

  • Do you struggle with loneliness and dislike spending time alone?

  • Do you often worry if your partners or friends do love you or love you "enough"?

  • Or do you expect (or fear) that people will leave or change their minds?

  • Do you ever feel not fully seen or valid in your relationships? - Perhaps they feel like they even invalidate your queer identity, or you might feel somehow not queer enough.

  • Do you feel uncomfortable speaking your mind or sharing your parts of your personality or identity in any of your relationships?

  • Do you prefer to "go with the flow" and dislike making decisions for dates or for the group?

  • Are you always available for others or do you experience guilt around saying no or not being available?

  • Do you often feel like your needs go unmet or unconsidered in relationships or group dynamics?

  • Do you avoid conflict as much as possible (ie. agreeing to what other people want, staying silent when others say or do something you disagree with, staying quiet when you are hungry, thirsty, or otherwise uncomfortable, etc.)?

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If these struggles sound familiar to you, you are not alone. I spent so long struggling with my own self worth and alignment. I subconsciously defined that self-worth based on how I could serve others, based on my productivity, based on my relationships and how much others loved me, and based on my body size and shape. I fell more and more out of alignment with myself as I continually tried to shrink and morph myself to please others and meet their expectations. But all that did was lead to discontentment, loneliness (even when around others), and extreme burnout. I needed more. I needed to realign, to reconnect with my authentic self, and to foster a genuinely independent and unconditional self-love. I needed to take care of my whole self and show up for that person daily - AND THAT WAS WHERE THE MAGIC FINALLY HAPPENED!

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The path to true self-love, true alignment, and true well-being (ie. a fulfilling life that serves the whole you!) is simple: compassionate, imperfect, aligned actions. I'm talking finally getting in tune with your most authentic self, building habits that truly serve the most authentic you across all areas of your life, and taking actions big and small that allow you to show up for you and lean into joy, healing, and wellness FOR YOU. I'm talking shifting the internal dialogue so that you can lead with compassion, find joy in the ebbs and flows in your journey, and give yourself permission to be the most authentic you, to make mistakes, to change your mind, and to keep growing. Let's find your magic and set it free together!

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Can you even imagine living in complete alignment with your most authentic self?

  • What might it look like to fully affirm your identities every day? What if you could do that AND be able to feel love and compassion for your body now?

  • Can you imagine a world in which you find genuine balance - engaging in inspiring work you love, being able to complete the important tasks, AND prioritizing time for yourself every day?

  • What might your ideal relationship structures look like? Can you imagine ones centered in mutual appreciation and open-honest communication? What about relationships that give you the stability you've been craving, but also encourage your growth and independence?

  • What if instead of feeling overwhelmed and unheard, you could spend your days feeling appreciated, inspired, and grounded?

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1:1 Pride + Alignment Coaching is designed for...

  • folx who are waking up to feelings of misalignment or areas in which they lack self-love or self compassion, but may not be sure where to begin or where to go next

  • folx who are ready to live as their most authentic, queer self and are seeking a safe space to explore new identities, labels, or expression

  • folx who ready to know themselves on a deeper level and are ready to ask and answer big questions and make profound and impactful discoveries

  • folx who are tired of big, overhaul changes that don't work out and are ready to commit to a tiny habit approach to shaping their life, well-being, and alignment

  • folx seeking personalized support and guidance in identifying strong habits or troubleshooting ones that aren't working

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1:1 Pride + Alignment Coaching is designed to guide you to...

  • ​connect with and deeply understand you most authentic queer self

  • build daily practices that allow you to show up for yourself and build the life you desire

  • tune in with the messages within you and confidently follow your own internal compass as you make decisions that allow you to lean into true alignment,

  • compassionately create, confidently evaluate, and effectively troubleshoot habits that will stick and that will serve your most authentic self for years to come

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1:1 Personalized Coaching designed to help you build self-love, step into alignment, and show up as your most authentic self, where true joy and well-being are found!

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  • Regular 1:1 Individualized Coaching Calls - duration & frequency vary by package

  • Coaching Call Recap Emails - including themes of this week's session, actionable strategies, & additional resources as needed (sent within 72 hours of coaching session)

  • Ongoing Support: ALWAYS feel free to check in between sessions to ask questions, share wins, or ask for support - my inbox is always open!

  • Guided habit-building, adjustment, mindset work, & alignment-focused session activities & discussion - always personalized to YOU

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Expertly crafted support materials designed to be used together and for you to be able use independently on your alignment journey - with me and beyond!

  • Growing Seasons Guide: the blueprint for your successful journey toward growth, alignment, and wellness, grounded in self-love and compassion, and centered in sustainable habit building

  • Alignment Inventory: our comprehensive self-assessment tool for all 8 areas of your wellness - allowing us to center our work around your personal key focus areas and design habits and action steps that will create the greatest impact

  • The Habit Builder Guidebook: the framework for sustainable lasting habit change that truly serves your most authentic self

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Because I strongly believe that self-love is the crucial foundation to any sustainable​ habit-change or wellness practice, coaching clients will also be enrolled in the next round of the Self-Love Foundations Crash Course ($497 value) at NO ADDITIONAL COST, as my gift to you on your journey towards self-love, alignment, and wellness.

Since you will be enrolled in this course, you will be given the option to begin your 1:1 sessions either right away or after the course ends.

The Self-Love Foundations Crash Course is a 6-Week Group Program designed to help you begin to fall in love with and practice showing up for your most authentic self, by building your foundational self-love habits.

The Course includes:

  • 4 Modules of Video Lessons

  • 3 Additional Printable Resources to support you on your journey to getting to know & falling in love with your most authentic self

  • 6 Weeks of weekly group coaching sessions

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Looking for something else?

I am always open to discussing other options with those who are serious and interested in working with me.

Please Note:

Regardless of your chosen coaching package, I ask that new coaching clients commit to a 3 month minimum in order to maximize impact & success. However, I hope you will choose to continue your journey with me until you feel fully aligned and able to approach your alignment and wellbeing with a sense of complete confidence.

(minimum duration may vary for personalized or non-standard options)


  • 2 x 60 minute personalized 1:1 coaching sessions per month

  • detailed recap emails following all coaching calls

  • ongoing email and messaging support

  • ALWAYS actionable, safe-space, personalized support


  • 2 x 90 minute personalized 1:1 coaching sessions per month

  • detailed recap emails following all coaching calls

  • ongoing email and messaging support

  • ALWAYS actionable, safe-space, personalized support


  • 3 x 60 minute personalized 1:1 coaching sessions per month

  • detailed recap emails following all coaching calls

  • ongoing email and messaging support

  • ALWAYS actionable, safe-space, personalized support

$1,100 PER MONTH

  • 3 x 90 minute personalized 1:1 coaching sessions per month

  • detailed recap emails following all coaching calls

  • ongoing email and messaging support

  • ALWAYS actionable, safe-space, personalized support

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