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unconditional self-love & aligned habits serving the whole, most authentic you

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You are a unique, magical, radiant being! You deserve a life that reflects that, that celebrates and serves your most authentic self. Welcome to a community that builds that life from the ground up, through radical self-love & compassion, aligned actions, and safe-space community!

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Queer Compassionate Alignment is founded on the rebellious premise that true well-being is rooted in radical self-love, authenticity, and safe-space community. 

We deserve better than wellness practices that cater only to white, cisgender, straight, and thin, ignoring our intersectional identities. We are worthy of more than wellness that considers only the physical body, ignoring mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, as well as the other areas of wellness. We crave shifts that go beyond the status quo, allowing us to finally live in alignment and build habits that nourish our most authentic selves. And we know that true happiness and wellbeing are formed within a safe-space and intersectional community, rather than in isolation.

​Queer Compassionate Alignment aims to provide wellbeing resources and community for a new world, with queer-celebratory and intersectionally-oriented guidance, safe-space professionals and community, and individualized habit building to serve the most radiant, authentic you. By approaching wellbeing from a self-love and community-oriented mindset and making alignment with our most authentic selves the primary goal, we can learn to  let go of judgment, lead with compassion through the ebbs and flows of our journeys, develop lasting habits that we truly love, build aligned lives that support us for who we truly are, and uplift our communities & adjacent communities along the way.

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